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Photo of our home!
Our home in Geneva, Florida!



Our story!

A little explanation about how we came to be known as "Bad Acres." 
I, Betty, designed the logo while playing around with our initials...trying to see if they would spell anything. 
The only thing I could come up with was "BAD"... "B" for Betty, "A" for the first initial of our last name, and "D" for Don. 
The "acres" was added for the five acres of land that we live on. 
I really had not planned on using it for anything, but I showed it to Don and he said he loved it.  
So it grew from there.  That is the story! 

We moved to "Bad Acres" in early December 1993.  We just love it here. 
We own one horse named Dutchess (now passed away), four cats named Andrew (who has passed away),
Princess (who also has passed away), Fluffy (now passed away), and Bailey. 
We also board our granddaughter's pony named Sugar. 
We do own several vehicles, as Don loves his "toys"...expensive ones, I might add!

Our page is mainly comprised of personal photos of our vehicles, animals, and family. 
You will also find links to other Home Pages.  Hope you enjoy it! 
Thanks for stopping by, from Betty and Don at "Bad Acres."

Note:  Due to the fact that our page has several pics, it may take a few minutes to load, please be patient. 
If "Don's" music bothers you, just turn down your volume.

Don and Betty!
Don and Betty!

  Our links for additional photos!

Our 2001 trailer!
Pic of new muffler installed on Indy Pace Car!
Don's 1st made "Bad Acres" garage!
Don's 1999 F-350 Ford Truck!
Mother Ashe and our Grandchildren!
 Our New White Golf cart!
Our Sea Doo!
Golfcart, 1963 Vette & Motorcycle that has been sold!
Sunrise at our Satellite Beach Condo!
Our pontoon!
Our Grandson Cody in his car!
Picture of Betty and our daughter and granddaughters taken June 2007!
Our nice Hummer!
Our Grandson Cody in his new Christmas 2003 car!
SSR Pickup and Harley Davidson Motorcycle!
Our granddaughter, Candace, on grandpa's pig!
Our daughter, Tami's 2004 Thunderbird!
Our son, Scot's 1987 Iroc!
Don and grandson, Cody on the tractor!
Don's  "CAVE" Garage built 2008!
Don and his 2008 custom truck!
Don and Betty years ago on deck!
Our 1966 Fairlane 500!
Betty's 2016 Z06 Corvette!

Don's 1938 Ford!
Don's loved 1938 Ford!

Don's 1998 Indy Pace Car Convertible!
Don's 1998 Indy Pace Car Convertible!

Don's Yellow 2009 Z06 Vette!
(SOLD)  Don's Yellow 2009 Z06 Vette!  (SOLD)

The engine of Don's 2008 Z06 Black Vette!
The engine of Don's 2008 Z06 Black Vette!
2011 Harley-Davidson!
2012 Harley-Davidson!


Don's 1923 T-Bucket!
Don in his 1923 T-Bucket



Don's 1958 Black Ford!
Don's 1957 Chevy!"


Don's 2011 ZR1 Yellow Corvette!
***SOLD***    Don's 2011 ZR1 Yellow Corvette!    ***SOLD***
Don traded it in for a "2016 ZO6 Gray Corvette Coupe!"

Don's 2016 ZO6 Coupe!

Don's 2016 ZO6 Corvette Coupe!

Don's 2007 Shelby Mustang!
Don's 2007 Shelby Mustang!

2007 Shelby Mustang's Backview!
Back view of Don's 2007 Shelby Mustang!

Don's 1957 Chevy and Gene's Ford!
Don's 1957 Chevy and Gene Minetti's Ford at their 50th Class Reunion!

2010 Harley-Davidson Golfcart!
2010 Harley-Davidson Golfcart!

Don's and his Classmates at their 50th Class Reunion!                           Moon 9-20-2015
                                                   Don and his Classmates at their 50th Class Reunion!                                                                                                         Moon 9-20-15

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OUR HOBBIES AND INTERESTS:  Horses, cats, corvettes, streetrods.
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